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Advantages of New and Used Cars at Autowise Buying Service

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a8-1Advantages of New and Used Cars at Autowise Buying Service

By Michelle Krebs, Cars.com

All car purchases start with one decision: New or used? It’s hard to remember a better time to buy either. With automakers selling hundreds of new models, and more used cars than there are people to drive them, there are plenty of good vehicles out there ready for an owner and driver.

In the end, the decision to buy new or used boils down to what you can afford and what will give you peace of mind.

If you’re on a tight budget, then buying a used car gets you the most vehicle for the least amount of money. You can count on one hand the number of new cars that list for less than $10,000. That buys you a tiny car, probably with two doors and certainly with a manual transmission instead of an automatic, no air conditioning, a lack of safety features (antilock brakes, side-impact airbags, etc.) and few other common amenities.

For less than half the price of the average new car, you can buy a three- or four-year-old used vehicle that is larger and loaded with more features than the small, bare-bones new one. But buying a used vehicle has its risks, which could cost you more over the life of the vehicle. The fact is, you are buying a vehicle that someone else has owned and driven. You don’t know how it’s been driven or how well it’s been cared for. A used vehicle will require maintenance and possibly expensive repairs far sooner than a new one, and these repairs probably won’t be covered by a warranty.

Advantages for Buying Used

If you’re not married to the idea of buying a new car, used vehicles have their own benefits:

  • increased choice: Both new and used-car dealers are feeling the side effects of a tough economy. The positive side of this is that consumers win in a bear market; as dealerships close prices of large, used SUVs and even midsized cars are down, and there should be more vehicles on lots due to slowing sales.
  • improving reliability: Although used vehicles typically don’t carry the same warranties as new ones, the original factory warranty on a new car is transferable to a second owner, usually at no charge. Buyers of certified pre-owned cars from an authorized dealer can purchase a late-model used car with the original warranty and then choose to add to it. The combination of a glut of late-model used vehicles, the greater reliability and durability of vehicles, and the availability of warranties make buying a used car less of a gamble.
  • just like new: Another trend that makes buying used a better option is the proliferation of certified pre-owned programs. The idea started with luxury brands such as Lexus and Mercedes-Benz and has become a popular alternative for car buyers.

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